Is Your Carpet Really Clean?

If you live in London, you will probably have a carpeted floor. Carpets are a common flooring option in this country, and it feels great to the feet and helps keep your home warm and cozy. However, one thing that makes carpets a bit troublesome is the cleaning of carpets.

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Not every home will have the same type of carpet, and some may be really hard to clean while other may be a little bit easier. However, no matter what type you have, there are times where you just cannot get the job done right and need a carpet cleaning enfield service to come over and handle it for you.

How dirty is your carpet?

A lot of people believe that vacuuming the carpet once or twice a week will keep it clean. This could not be farther from the truth, and your carpet will actually be even dirtier even though it will look clean on the surface.

This form of flooring easily trap dust, dirt, and moisture and they are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and even some insects. When you use a vacuum, it will suck all the dust in the top area of the carpet, but all the dirt and dust that has found its way to the bottom will remain.

A glass of wine, water or any liquid can also cause your carpet to have a damp spot. Cleaning it up immediately is important, but you cannot really get it completely dry. Kids will often drop food particles and other things that all add up to the carpet starting to give off a bad smell.

How to clean your carpet

The best is to hire a company that can steam clean your carpet or use the powder cleaning method. There are professional companies that specialize in carpet cleaning, and they will have the necessary high powered tools to get your floor looking beautiful and being clean.

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This is by far one of the most popular methods used by cleaning companies. It involves driving a cleaning solution with steam deep into the carpet. After this is done, the carpet is vacuumed with high powered machines that will suck in all the moisture. You will end up with a rug that is clean, fresh and smells wonderful.

You should get a professional company to do your carpet cleaning bi-annually and even more often if your have kids at home.

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