Taking Care of Your Beard

By combing the hair of your beard, you can be sure that your beard is at it maximum height and the hairs are facing the same direction. Look for the Beard Trimmer Reviews to take care of your beard. Before you start trimming, you must decide what you want your beard to look like. Just shave as you always do and don’t forget the exposed parts of your neck and cheeks.

Beard care tips

Wash out the shaving cream

The shaving cream must be washed out completely, and your beard should be slightly wet.

Learn how to use the trimmer

Using the guard attachment of the trimmer you can take after the shapes of your face. You might trim either against or with the course of whiskers development, whichever you prefer.

Finding your beard linehsghgfhgf

Take off the trimmer gatekeeper connection and keep the trimmer vertically with trimmer cutting sharp edges confronting you. Now trim the edge of your beard. The cutting blades should touch your skin lightly. Keep moving the trimmer along the edge of your beard till you reach the desired location.

Trimming your beard

When the trimmer guard attachment is still attached to the trimmer, remove this first. Use a small comb or the styling comb that came with the trimmer to hold your beard hairs in position. This gives the best control when using the trimmer. With the cutting unit facing away you hold the trimmer evenly and move the trimmer along the comb.

Be trendy wihfdghgdth the ‘Stubble Look’

Your trimmer guard attachment has different positions. Set it to 1(1.5 mm) or 2 (2.5 mm) to get the desired result. Hold the trimmer on a level plane with the cutting unit looking either up or down. Move the trimmer up or down, either with the direction of hair growth or against it. Which way, is up to your preference Go through the previous two steps again, with the trimmer guard attachment removed, to create an even better looking “stubble look”.

Avoid a blotchy look

Take care that you don’t trim away too much hair. Since you can use different settings on a trimmer to cut hairs at different lengths, a beard trimmer is easier to use that scissors. When you are just starting to use a beard trimmer, you should set the trimmer to a longer hair length. Cutting too much will take a long time to grow back. Trim bit by bit as wet hair looks longer than it is.…