Buying the Best Home Juicer

The home juicers come in different sizes and shapes and used various methods of the extraction of juice from the vegetable and juice. The prices of juicers differ according to size and different functionality. This blog is going to explore the advantages and disadvantages of the various juicer types and the features to look for in a home juicer.

Factors to consider

How much to spend on a home juicer?

A cheaper home juicer costs around $40 while the premium home juicers will cost you more than $500. The premium home juicers have extra wwwqwqwhghgfunctionality and extract more and better quality juice from the vegetable and fruits extracts.

However, our research has shown as other than the additional functionality; there is no huge difference when it comes to the extraction of juice between the premium juicers and the cheaper juicers. For instance, a home juicer that costs about $50 can extract juice to the last drop just like one that costs over $500.

Pricy juicers

One advantage of buying the pricy juicers is that they have extra features which are equally useful. One such feature is the extra-large chute which can extract juice from fruits and vegetables without being necessarily chopped into tiny pieces.

They also have a jug and a foam separator which means that they help you make foam-free juice at home. Home juicers with these extra functions cost between $80 and $200. So there is no need for spending over $200 to buy a home juicer.

Which should I buy, masticating or a centrifugal home juicer?

One of the most asked queries as far as the home juicers are concerned the type of home juicer to buy, the masticating or the centrifugal home juicer. The amount of money that you are willing to spend will determine the type of juicer that you will buy. The centrifugal home juicers are the most common and easily available; it is the affordable option for most families. Masticating home juicers are also called slow juicers or the cold press and are costly.

Advantages of masticating and centrifugal home juicers

tytytytyyjjjOne advantage of the centrifugal home juicers is that they are quicker to juice and require less chopping off the vegetable and fruits before juicing. Secondly, they are cheaper than the masticating juices. Last but not least they are usually lighter, therefore, easier to clean and operate.

On the other hand, one of the advantages of the masticating home juicers is that they are quieter in their operation. Secondly, they are suitable for juicing the soft fruits, wheatgrass, and leafy greens.…