Essential Tips For Running A Successful Sheesha Lounge

Smoking sheesha has become a common social way of relaxing. Others prefer to enjoy it in a laid back café while others will go for nothing short of a classic Sheesha Lounge. Smoking via these pipes has become a very common practice for both the youth and the old. Exceptional lounges have been launched with sheesha available even late into the nights. If you want to open such a lounge that will become a vital meeting point for sheesha smokers, here are amazing tips that will be helpful:


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Before you open a lounge for sheesha, get the best experts to recommend the best tobacco flavor. Smokers have a lot of fun when they have a wide variety of tobacco flavors to choose. Giving them endless possibilities by offering a wide menu of tobacco options will make a huge difference.

Excellent staff

Just like any other service industry, employees are very important for a sheesha bar. A good staff with the right knowledge will know how to install sheesha set ups and all the necessary coal refills. If you hire knowledgeable wait staff that are attentive, all the other aspects of the lounge will fall right in place. In this way, it will be easier to satisfy and attract veteran sheesha smokers because of the good staff who will create an excellent rapport with the customers.

Establish a comfy and accommodating décor

Most sheesha smokers are very picky when it comes to the environment they smoke. Smoking sheesha is a relaxing social activity that needs the setting of a lounge to be done accordingly. As such, if you want a successful lounge, it is important to strike the right balance with exciting décor themes. For instance, you can opt for dim lights, comfortable pillows, and colorful furniture.

Apart from mixed patterns, additional ornate accessories will create a unique atmosphere that will encourage the clients to sit and even wait for longer. Smokers who stay for long will end up ordering for more food and drinks. It clearly translates to better business.

Exciting sheesha bars music

As usual, nothing will be complete in a lounge without the right soundtrack. It is important to let customers have their say so that there is the even satisfaction that will translate to longer kmn53redt62y7du28i2stays. A good example is the use of mobile jukebox apps that give customers the chance to select their preferred playlist.

The best sheesha lounges are obviously a great destination for sheesha enthusiasts. Nonetheless, it is important to know that most of them are not only meant for sheesha smokers. Any person who is looking for a laidback environment to relax can as well opt for these lounges. It is a good chance to be away from the ordinary sports bars and club scenes that are a common monotony.…